Where do we need to embark/disembark?
Our station is located on the Rosery Quay (Rozenhoedkaai).
During the tour it is not possible to embark or disembark somewhere else.

Can we make a reservation for a party less than 20 people?
If you wish to reserve a private boat, this is no problem.
In other cases, no reservation is required and you can simply buy the tickets at our ticket office.

Does our reservation expires if we arrive late on our appointment?
At late arrival we like to be kept informed in order to find a solution.
If we are not informed, we release the reserved places.

How to pay?
Cash (EUR) or by cards (no American Express).

Can we bring a buggy/wheelchair on board?
For safety reasons this can not be taken on board.
This can be parked on our dock during the tour.

Is there an option for deaf and hearing impaired people to fully enjoy the tour?
Upon request, an informative explanation of the highlights can be obtained.

Are dogs and other pets allowed on board?
Only dogs with a shoulder height up to 30 cm are allowed on board. For guide dogs we like to make an exception.
Other pets are not allowed.

In case of emergency and as required by law, life jackets, lifebuoys, fire extinguishers and a first aid kit are present at the marked places in the boat.
We ask you to keep arms and hands inboard during the tour.
Smoking is not allowed during the tour.